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Need Remote Support?


ROBOTILL offers excellent free email support.  If however you do need someone to connect remotely to assist you, you can contact one of the ROBOTILL Resellers

Why ROBOTILL Support only give email support

ROBOTILL support will usually email you a link to the correct place in our comprehensive online help with steps to follow to resolve the issue.

From time to time, we do get a customer that is unable to resolve the issue, either because they did not follow the instructions or because there is an unusual problem on their computer or network that needs to be resolved. 

As a courtesy, we used to connect remotely to assist these customers. We however found that typically customers that require us to connect remotely, do so often. Either because they prefer that ROBOTILL support them remotely instead of following instructions or they frequently make network and server changes requiring us to connect computers that we previously already connected. 

If we had to continue to provide this service (as a courtesy, as we clearly state on our website that we only do email support), we would have been forced to employ more second tier support technicians. That means we would have needed to significantly increase the price of a licence or we would have had to start charging for support.  

As it is only about 5% of our customers that need remote support, it meant that it would have negatively affected the 95% of our customers that do not need this level of support. 

We came up with the best solution for our customers. We are focused on improving our free email support and our online help, but we no longer give remote support. Instead, we listed our resellers on our website that offer this service. The way our website works is that the resellers that are most often used will be listed higher up in the list - meaning that they will compete to give the best service at the best price. 

That gives our customers that do require remote support the option to choose a reseller and get the best possible deal

ROBOTILL is still the best option:

  • Quality software that is easy to use
  • Very low yearly licence fee to use the full edition (compared to our competitors).
  • Free email support
  • Offers a list of options to get remote or on-site support at the best prices from independent resellers.