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POS Themes and Button Colours

In ROBOTILL version 7 you can now choose different colour (or color depending where you are from) themes for your point of sale modules. You can also customize these themes and select colours for product buttons and custom buttons for easier and quicker selection by cashiers and waiters.

For more information on how the colour themes and buttons work, see Themes and Button Colours in the online help.

What else is new in version 7?

  • The POS colours (that can now be selected) is used throughout the POS modules and not just in the main screens.
  • Various screens have been improved for easier and quicker selection with more buttons per 'page'. 
  • The 'Product Category' screen that can be opened from a custom button in the 'More' screen has been improved. 
  • The slip history now displays payment types in the main screen to enable users to find the required slip more easily. 
  • The 'Tip' screen was improved and now allows the waiter to add the tip amount or the total amount given so that the tip is automatically calculated from the sale total. 
  • Some reports were improved (additional fields were added).
As always - all upgrades are free and users can download the new version from the ROBOTILL Website.