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Version 8.09 released with arithmetic overflow fix

ROBOTILL Version 8.09 has been released and is available for download. The new version has two new reports. It will also prevent the 'arithmatic overflow' error that some users got (due to incorrect user input).

The following is new in version 8.09:
  • Refunds report improved.
  • New Refunded Items report will list all the items that were refunded via 'Refund Item' or 'Refund Sale'.
  • New 'Payments From Accounts' report will list all payments that were done for sales using customer accounts.
  • If discounts were used, the totals for the Product Sales report did not work - this is now fixed.
  • In previous versions is was possible to enter an invalid 'stock on hand' or 'stock received' amount. The cashier would have been warned that the amount was too big to be a stock on hand (usually when a barcode was scanned instead of entering a number) and the user would have been asked to confirm the amount. If the cashier chose to continue it later caused 'arithmetic overflow' errors in the system. In this version the warning message has been changed to an error and the system will not allow the invalid amount to be entered. If you currently have the 'arithmetic overflow' error, follow the instructions below.
  • Various other small quality changes and enhancements.

Fixing the arithmetic overflow error

Update: 2022/01/03: 
The latest version can be downloaded from the ROBOTILL Download page.