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ROBOTILL Version 3.71 Released

Version 3.71 of ROBOTILL (Point of Sale Software) is now available for download.

The following is new in Version 3.71:

  • The Bulk Import functionality has been improved. You can now Import and Update stock items with a CSV (comma separated) file. It is now very flexible and you can choose what fields you want to import or update.
  • A 'Export File for Update' was added to Bulk Import and Update so that you can export stock to a CSV file, do updates via Excel or Open Office Calc and then import the file again to update your stock. 
  • The Till Slip that includes customer details will now be used when a customer was selected for a sale, and not only when a payment was done from an customer account. The slip in Print Design is now called 'Customer Account Till Slip'.
  • A Date only (no time) was added to the Print Design in addition to the Date and Time field.
  • The thousand separator as chosen in regional settings will now be used.
  • The row height for the items purchased on the slips are calculated by the system using the selected font. In version 3.71 you can now override that height by using the table items.
The new version can be downloaded from (click on Downloads)