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ROBOTILL Version 8.02 Released

Version 8.02 of the ROBOTILL Point of Sale Software system is available for download. All upgrades are free including for the users using the Free POS System.

What's new in Version 8.02:
  • The Bulk Import from Excel (or other spreadsheet programs) have been improved. More fields were added and the export is now adding text delimiters when commas are used as part of the description.
  • Product Sales Report was improved. The report can now be filtered by Top Sellers (by quantity) and Top Sellers (by value).  Additional filters and sort options were also added.
  • More fields were added to the Stock Receiving report. The additional fields are only available in the CSV export due to the space limitation in the main report.
  • You can now delete Suppliers, Departments and Categories. The delete operation will not affect the history.
  • An 'Aisle-Bin' field was added to the product set up. This is useful if a customer asks a cashier where a specific product is. The cashier can do a Product Look up that will display information about the product including where the product is located within the store.
  • The 'Automatically print orders if a waiter forgot' setting only worked when selecting another table. In version 8.02 it will also print the orders when a waiter logs off and forgot to submit the order.
  • The customer balance is now also visible for viewing before an account payment is done (if the task security allows the user to access the information).
  • Minor quality fixes and enhancements.
We would like to thank all our customers for their feedback and suggestions. Together we are making ROBOTILL the best!

Thank you!