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Coupons and Combo Deals

ROBOTILL allows you to use Coupons and Combo Deals. Any type of Coupon can be used and examples of Combo Deals would be:

  • Buy one get one free
  • Buy 3 and get one free
  • Buy 5 for the special price of ...
  • Buy two 2L Cokes and get a packet of crisps for free
  • Buy a Coke and Pie for the discount price of ...

To set up a combo deal or coupon, open ROBOTILL Manager and go to Stock > 'Combo Deals and Coupons'. Each Combo Deal and Coupon work on the principle that some items are required (Required Items) in order to get a free item or discount (the Special Item).

Coupons and/or required items can be scanned in any order. At the end of the sale the system will check if the sale qualify for any active Combo Deals.

We will give 3 examples as most Combo Deals will fall into one of these categories.

Example 1 - Free Item:  Buy 3 Cokes and get One FREE

click on the image to enlarge it

  1. You can choose if you want to allow multiple combo deals per sale or restrict it to one per sale.
  2. You create a 'Free Coke' stock item with a negative price and select it as the Special Item. 
  3. You add a Coke as the required item and change the quantity to 4. Note, although the special is for three cokes, the free coke also needs to be scanned. 
At the end of the sale the free coke item will be added.

You can also choose if you want to add the free items instantly (faster) or let the system add each discount item one at a time so that the total is impressively reduced (for the WOW effect).

Example 2 - Discount: Buy a Coke and Pie for the special price of ...

  1. For a discount, a discount stock item needs to be created. For this example, we will call it 'Coke and Pie Special'. The price needs to be the negative value of the discount.
  2. You add the Coke as a required item.
  3. You add the Pie as a required item.
The items can be scanned in any order and does not need to be scanned one after the other. The system will check at the end of the sale if the sale qualifies for any of the combo deals.

Example 3 - Coupons: Dog food coupon. 

  1. A 'Dog Food Coupon Discount' stock item needs to be created and selected as the Special Item. The price needs to be the negative value of the discount. Note that this item is not the coupon but the coupon discount.
  2. The stock item that the coupon is linked to needs to be added (multiple can be added depending on the coupon requirements).
  3. The coupon needs to be set up as a stock item with the barcode/stock code that will be scanned/entered. The price needs to be zero. The coupon then needs to be added as a required item in the 'Combo Deal / Coupon' setup screen.
If a coupon is scanned, the system will check that the conditions of the coupon is met for that sale before adding the discount. 

More about ROBOTILL

Coupons and Combo Deals are available from Version 3.9 of ROBOTILL and is available in the Retail POS module and the Restaurant POS module. 



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