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Working with multiple branches


ROBOTILL just made it easier to work with multiple branches. The ROBOTILL Branch Module has been replaced by our new head office functionality that can be enabled by toggling a switch and entering a key - no other set up required!

What Changed?

Our ROBOTILL Branch Module was a bit of a mission to set up. It used Google Drive and each branch needed a Google Drive account. You had to install Google Backup and Sync, the Branch Module and Branch Updater.

All that is now gone. The new head office support is built into ROBOTILL Back Office - nothing extra to install. It makes use of our own ROBOTILL Head Office Cloud Server. 


If you want to enable Head Office Support to work with multiple branches you will need to purchase an additional licence - only one licence per organization to manage all your branches - the same price as a licence for one till! Have a look at our amazingly low prices!

If you already have a ROBOTILL Branch Module licence, we will convert it into a ROBOTILL Head Office licence for you.

When is Head Office Support needed?

You can have a shop or restaurant with any number of tills and back office computers connected over a local network (LAN or WIFI) without the need for an internet connection or head office support.

You only need head office support if you have multiple shops / restaurants in different locations that you need to manage over the Internet. 

You could also use head office support if you only have one shop or restaurant and you want to work from home - setting up products, updating prices and receiving reports at home.

What you can do with Head Office Support enabled?

Each shop or restaurant should still be managed locally for things like adding cashiers, doing cash ups, receiving stock, etc. Head office features are features that will typically be done by a 'head office'. You can do the following:
  • Update branches remotely with new products or update products (price changes and other changes).
  • Add departments, categories and attribute groups remotely to all branches.
  • Transfer stock from the head office to branches or between branches. Each branch will receive a stock transfer order within their ROBOTILL Back Office application that they must process. At the head office you can track the transfers to see how much was transferred and received and when. 
  • Receive branch reports remotely and automatically at the head office (sales per day, product sales and stock on hand for each day).

Want to know more?

To find out more you can have a look at the following pages in our point of sale online help: