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New POS Reporting Module


ROBOTILL just released a new Reporting Module for its Point of Sale System. The new reports comes with various charts and all the reports can now be exported to Excel or other spreadsheets (previous versions only some reports could be exported).

The main reason for the new reporting module is that it will allow us to add new reports and enhance current ones more effectively - something that was very important to us as we are planning on adding several new reports in the coming weeks.

Reports are no longer availabe in ROBOTILL Manager. The new reporting module is a separate module that is automatically installed as part of the main ROBOTILL install file. If you are upgrading from a previous version you simply need to download and run the latest install file to upgrade your current version. A new 'ROBOTILL Reports' icon will be added to your desktop and a shortcut will also be added to the ROBOTILL program group.

ROBOTILL Reporting Module

The ROBOTILL Reporting Module does not require a separate licence. The licence is linked to ROBOTILL Manager. If your Manager app is in the full edition mode, then the reporting module will also be in the full edition mode. The free edition of the reporting module will give you access to some of the reports.

See our online help for more information on the reporting module.