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ROBOTILL Version 8.01 released

ROBOTILL Version 8.01 has been released and is available for download. Several enhancements and quality fixes has been done in the new version 8 (from version 8.00). It is suggested that all users from earlier versions upgrade but especially users that are using version 8.00.00 to version 8.00.12.

The following is new in version 8.01 (from version 8.00):

  • Keyboard usage has been improved (when not using a touch screen). See: Hot Keys and Keyboard.
  • Product and Customer search has been improved.
  • When you add a category as a button to the menu, you can now select multiple products at once instead of adding one at a time. See POS Menu
  • Customer Orders has been added. See Customer Orders in the Online Help.
  • Several quality fixes has been done.