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ROBOTILL Version 9.08 Released


ROBOTILL Version 9.08 has been released and is available for download. We improved the reports and made a couple of other improvements listed below. 

We replaced the charts with detailed data in table format in the reports. This is to allow our development team to phase in new improved charts over the next couple of versions. 

The following is new:

  • The 'Prevent removing of ordered items' check setting has been removed from the restaurant settings. This option has been replaced with a security task that can be set in the Security Settings. The new security task will allow you to prevent waiters from removing ordered items while still allowing a supervisor or manager to authorise the removal of the item.
  • When printing labels, you now have the option to use the stock on hand count for the number of labels to print. 
  • Placing a sale on hold is now a security task. You can choose who is allowed to place sales on hold.
  • Reports were improved. 
The new version can be downloaded from