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Not commonly downloaded warning


If you get this message that the ROBOTILL install file is not commonly downloaded, it means ROBOTILL recently renewed their software certificate. ROBOTILL uses a software certificate issued by a Certificate Authority (CA) that has validated ROBOTILL (the company). The certificate protects the user and ensures the software was not tampered with by an outside source.

The warning message will appear for a couple of days after a new certificate was installed as the new certificate needs to become 'known'. 

If you get the message, please follow these instructions

Normally you can download ROBOTILL from any browser, but if you get the warning message, we recommend you use Microsoft Edge to download ROBOTILL.

Move your mouse over the message and click on the 3 dots next to the message (not the 3 dots next to Downloads).

Click on 'Keep'.

Click on the down arrow next to 'Show More'.

Click on 'Keep anyway'.

Click on 'Open file'.

You can then follow the normal installation instructions

The warning message only appears for a couple of days a year after we renew our software certificate.

Thank you for downloading ROBOTILL.