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Cashback at the till


With ROBOTILL it is easy to allow customers to withdraw cash at your till. This article will explain how to do it.

  • The customer needs to purchase at least one item. If you want to allow a cash back even if the customer does not purchase anything, you can create a 'Cash Back Admin Fee' as a product with a small fee (for example a couple of cents).
  • The cashier adds the item(s) the customer wants to purchase - or the admin fee to the sale.
  • The cashier selects 'Pay' but then add the amount the customer wants to withdraw to the payment amount. For example, if the customer purchases an item of R 10 and wants to withdraw R 200 cash, the cashier changes the payment amount to R 210.00.
  • The cashier selects the card payment option. The cashier will then be instructed by robotill to give R 200 change
The cash in the drawer will be correctly updated.