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ROBOTILL Version 9.05 released


A new version of our point of sale software system is available. You can download ROBOTILL version 9.05 from the our website.  If you are upgrading, follow these steps to upgrade.

What is new in version 9.05?

  • ROBOTILL can now export accounting data that can be imported into accounting systems. The export format is in the correct format for PiggyZen online accounting software
  • The supplier for a product can now be specified in the bulk import file. You can set the supplier for new products or update existing products. The supplier field is also available for export.
  • Product cost added to the export version of the price list.
  • A couple of quality fixes were done in some of the reports. 
  • A problem with the barcode generator that sometimes caused duplicates when used in conjunction with the head office module has been fixed. 
  • More safety checks were added to bulk price change screen to catch user errors.