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Change additional PC to Server PC


ROBOTILL is a client-server system where you can have multiple computers linked to a server. If you aleady have ROBOTILL installed on your server PC but you know want to use one of the other computers as the server, then you can follow the steps in this article. 

Choosing your server PC

When using the ROBOTILL Point of Sale System you can choose a POS Computer (till point) or a back office PC as the server. Have a look at the minimum requirements of a server PC.

If your back office computer is a laptop and the laptop will not always be connected to the network, then you will have to choose one of your till points as the server.

Changing an 'additional PC' to be the server PC

  1. Do a database backup on your current server PC:
  2. On the PC that you now want to use as the server, go to All programs > ROBOTILL and open ROBOTILL Database Setup.
  3. Follow these steps: (even if you did not change the name).
  4. If you did not get an error in step 3, skip this step and continue with step 5. If you got an error in step 3, run the database setup again but follow these steps:
  5. Using your backup file from the previous server, do a database restore on the new server:
  6. On your old server, and all other computers you want to connect to your new server, follow these steps:
  7. If your system was licenced, you will need to request new keys for all PC's. You can contact ROBOTILl Support for new keys.
Contact ROBOTILL support if you have any problems.