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Point of Sale Training Videos

ROBOTILL will be adding a lot of POS Training videos. To make sure you don't miss anything, please subscribe to our ROBOTILL Support Training Channel on YouTube.

We published an article on this blog each time we uploaded a new training video. As we will be adding many more, we have decided to no longer publish an article each time a new video is available. Instead, you can subscribe to our channel.

The videos will also be added to the various sections of our online help.
Recent posts

ROBOTILL Version 8.01 released

ROBOTILL Version 8.01 has been released and is available for download. Several enhancements and quality fixes has been done in the new version 8 (from version 8.00). It is suggested that all users from earlier versions upgrade but especially users that are using version 8.00.00 to version 8.00.12.

The following is new in version 8.01 (from version 8.00):

Keyboard usage has been improved (when not using a touch screen). See: Hot Keys and Keyboard.Product and Customer search has been improved.When you add a category as a button to the menu, you can now select multiple products at once instead of adding one at a time. See POS MenuCustomer Orders has been added. See Customer Orders in the Online Help.Several quality fixes has been done.

Training video for Scale Items and Measured Items

This video show how to use scale items and other measured items like length or time in your Point of Sale application. Note that it does not show how to work with scale generated barcodes. For that see Scale Generated Barcodes in the online help.

Restaurant Order Attributes

How to use order attributes in your Restaurant Software. Training video on how to use order attributes in the restaurant module to prompt the waiter for specific options for specific products. For example how the customer's steak should be done.

Selling retail products in different combinations

How to receive and sell stock in different combinations with your Retail Software using compound items. In this video we use the example of a 6 pack coke that you can sell as a 6 pack or individual coke cans. How to keep track of your stock on hand and use different product prices for the different combinations. 

Restaurant Quick Start Guide Video

New training video that shows how to get started with your restaurant point of sale software. The video uses the free edition of ROBOTILL. Video show how to set up your restaurant floor plan, how to add waiters. How to set up products and allocate them to different categories (Restaurant Menu).

Retail Quick Start Guide

Added new training video for the retail module. Video shows how to create a very basic product and how to do your first sale using the free point of sale edition of ROBOTILL.

Watch the video below

Many more training videos will follow soon.