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ROBOTILL Remote Support

ROBOTILL is an easy to use Point of Sale System that will require very little help or support.

If you need help, please have a look at the ROBOTILL Online Help.

If you still need help, please contact ROBOTILL Support 

If needed, they will connect to your computer remotely using Chrome Remote Desktop. If you haven't used if before, follow the instructions below:

Installing Chrome Remote Desktop:

Step 1: If you are not already using Google Chrome as your browser, download and install Google Chrome (you can keep on using your existing browser as well).

Step 2: If you don't already have a google account, create one ... it is free (for gmail, drive and more).

Step 3: Install the Google Chrome Remote Desktop add-on from the Google Store.

Starting a Remote Support Session:

Email ROBOTILL Support and ask for support. They will arrange a time with you when they will be able to connect to your computer. When they ask you to send you the Remote Desktop ID, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Run Chrome as Administrator

Right click on the Chrome icon on your desktop.

Select 'Run as administrator'.

Step 2: Open a Remote Support Session

Open Google Chrome, open a new tab and click on 'Apps' on the toolbar.

Click on 'Chrome Remote Desktop'.

Click on 'Share'.

A number will appear. Email ROBOTILL Support the number.

That is it! ROBOTILL will connect to your computer and sort out your problem.

When ROBOTILL Support connect, give them time to complete the install. You will need to be on stand-by and take control in the following situations:

  • Every couple of minutes Chrome will ask you if you want to allow the session to continue. A message will appear at the top of your screen. At that time, ROBOTILL support will loose control and you need to click on 'Allow to Continue'. If you don't, the session will end.
  • ROBOTILL support will start certain tasks that require elevated security. At that time the UAC Security message will appear and ask you if you want to allow the program to continue. Click on allow the program to continue as ROBOTILL support will again have lost control until you click the message.


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Restaurant Bill Split

It is easy to split bills in the Restaurant Software of ROBOTILL. The waiter/cashier can split a bill (sale) at a restaurant table into several bills (sales). The split can be done at any time - at the end of the sale when the customers want to pay - or even in the middle of service when more items will still be ordered.

To split a bill, the waiter selects the table in the Restaurant module of ROBOTILL and then selects 'Sale Options' > 'Split Bill'.

The waiter can then choose the items that should be moved to a separate bill. This process can be repeated multiple times if a bill needs to be split into several smaller bills.

For more information about the split of bills, see the ROBOTILL Online Help:

You can also download the Free Edition of ROBOTILL from the ROBOTILL Website.
Note that the bill split feature is not available in the free edition.

ROBOTILL Licensing System Upgraded

ROBOTILL upgraded its Point of Sale Software Licensing System. Customers of the Free POS Software Edition and new customers will not be affected. Existing customers will need to register again.

For this reason it is suggested that customers of the Full Edition with version number 5.80.04 or earlier, upgrade and email the new registration codes directly after close of business to allow the ROBOTILL Support team enough time to generate new keys for them.

There where two main reasons for the licensing upgrade:
Unlike the old licensing system, the new licensing system will not require new keys after a major Windows upgrade or a computer name change.Due to the fact that ROBOTILL is becoming a very popular Point of Sale System, it has become the target of hackers and crackers.  To see how the new ROBOTILL Registration works, see our online help:

Workshop and Job Cards

ROBOTILL now has a new Workshop module. The Workshop module is ideal for shops that does repairs and various other kinds of 'jobs'. 'Jobs' are booked in by the Retail Point of Sale Module. The workshop can then work on multiple open jobs with the new Workshop Module and add items like labour, parts, etc. to the various jobs. Once a job is marked as complete, the job can be invoiced by the cashier (Retail Module).

The Workshop Module can run on the same computer as the till (Retail Module), the back office computer (ROBOTILL Manager) or on a separate dedicated computer in the workshop.

The good news: It's FREE! You require at least one registered POS Point to use the workshop module, but you don't pay extra for the workshop modules and you can use as many as you need.

Other new enhancements included in Version 5.8:

Workshop module was added as a separate module and added to the ROBOTILL program group (icon on your desktop and available from All Apps > ROBOTIL…